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the garden party plot summary

The garden Party summary

Iago had planned to concoct a story to ensure Othello was absent for Cassio's visit, but luck has made iago's job easier indeed. Act iii, scene iii. The scene shifts to the garden of the castle. Cassio asks Desdemona to speak to Othello and convince him that he is still a trustworthy soldier and friend. Desdemona does not hesitate to help because she knows how deeply cassio and Othello feel for one another. She longs for them to reconcile: "you do love my lord/you have known him long" (III.

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Iago is also sure that his plan will be a success, but with much different results. His intent is to make it appear that Desdemona is pleading for her young long-time lover. Desdemona will become iago's most valued pawn: so i will turn her virtue into pitch, And out of her own goodness make the net. That shall enmesh them all." (II. Act iii, scene i, outside the castle, cassio has gathered some musicians in the hopes of putting Othello in a good mood. Cassio asks Emilia if she will grant him access to visit Desdemona. Iago thesis overhears and offers to fetch Desdemona at once. Desdemona agrees to an interview with Cassio and Emilia shows him to desdemona's chamber. Act iii, scene ii, in this short scene Othello makes plans to inspect some parts of the fortifications built by his troops. The purpose of this scene is to explain why Othello is not initially present when Desdemona meets with Cassio.

But reason gives way to temptation and soon Cassio is drunk. Although he should know better, cassio takes his post as usual. Iago sends Roderigo to engage cassio in the fight and within moments the two come bursting back into the hall, swords clashing. They duel until Othello rushes umum in and demands that they stop. Disappointed and angered by cassio's behavior, Othello dismisses him from duty. Othello leaves and Iago convinces Cassio that, in order to regain Othello's favour and his position as lieutenant, he must persuade desdemona to speak to Othello on his behalf. Cassio leaves, confident that Iago's plan will work to restore his friendship with Othello.

the garden party plot summary

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Desperate, roderigo agrees: "I will do this if you can bring it to drinking any opportunity." (II. They bid each other goodbye and Iago walks off alone. He soliloquizes that he intends to "make the moor thank and love" him, while at the same time planting thoughts of jealousy in Othello's mind - thoughts so strong "That judgement cannot cure." (II. Act ii, scene ii, on a street in Cyprus a herald announces the great victory feast and party that Othello has planned. All the soldiers have full liberty to make merry until eleven o'clock that evening, at which time they must return to their posts. Act ii, scene iii, in the great hall of the castle Othello, desdemona, and Cassio rainbow speak briefly about Iago. Othello tells Cassio that Iago is "most honest." Othello and Desdemona leave and Iago comes in to join Cassio. Iago asks him to partake in a glass of wine. Cassio agrees, but insists that he have only a little, for he has "no brains for drinking".

She converses with Iago and Emilia, and is sure to include cassio in the discussion. Cassio is an old and beloved friend of Othello's and he too is afraid that the ship has been lost at sea. Out of this great concern for Othello's safety, cassio takes Desdemona by the hand. Iago delights in this overt display of affection that he will use against them. A trumpet sounds and to everyone's relief Othello enters. He greets Desdemona with a kiss and addresses the crowd, proposing a great feast in celebration of the venetian victory. All but Iago and Roderigo move from the seaport to the royal castle. Iago tells Roderigo that Cassio is also in love with Desdemona and that, to help their plans, roderigo should pick a fight with Cassio while he is on duty. This will hurt Cassio's reputation and ruin his friendship with Othello and help keep him apart from Desdemona.

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the garden party plot summary

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Desdemona must meet him there at a later database time, and Othello entrusts Iago with her safe passage: "Honest Iago/my desdemona must I leave to thee" (I.iii.295). The senate adjourns and leave the council chamber, followed by Brabantio, othello, desdemona, and all the rest, except for Iago and Roderigo. Iago assures Roderigo that Desdemona's love for Othello is fleeting and that, if Roderigo will come to cyprus, he will continue scheming to break up the newlyweds. Roderigo agrees and leaves to make preparations to sail for Cyprus. Once alone, iago reveals phase two of his evil plan - the destruction of Michael Cassio, the soldier who received the promotion from Othello. He will make othello believe that Cassio is Desdemona's secret lover, thereby ruining both of his enemies with the same lie.

Act ii, scene i, act ii opens in Cyprus where montano, the venetian governor, and his friends discuss a tempest that might have destroyed the turkish fleet. A messenger comes in with the news that the enemy ships have indeed been pulled under by the waves. But they soon begin to fear that the very same storm has taken the lives of Othello and his crew. Cassio arrives, confirming that Othello cannot be located. One ship does land, carrying Iago, desdemona, roderigo, and Iago's wife, emilia, who has come to look after Desdemona. Desdemona is shaken with fear for her husband, but, much like her warrior husband, she is brave and steady, and keeps her worry to herself.

Brabantio and Roderigo enter and Brabantio lashes out at Othello: "O thou foul thief, where hast thou stow'd my daughter?" (I.ii.62-4). Othello responds to the verbal attack with grace and dignity. Brabantio demands that Othello go to prison. Othello calmly tells him that he cannot for the duke needs him at once. Brabantio decides to take the matter to the duke, since he is already awaiting Othello. He is sure that the duke will brand Othello a criminal as he has done, sure that his is "not an idle cause" (I.ii.95).

Act i, scene iii, the duke and his senators gather in the council chamber. They are concerned with the news that a turkish fleet is planning an attack on Cyprus, which is governed by venice. They are discussing a counter attack which will be led by Othello, when Brabantio comes storming in, accusing Othello of corrupting his daughter, desdemona, with "spells and medicines bought of mountebanks." Othello asks that they summon Desdemona, for her testimony is the only defense. While they wait for her, Othello describes to the duke the real way in which he won Desdemona's heart. She arrives, with Iago following her. She tells the duke and her shocked father that she did fall in love with Othello for the "visage in his mind" (252). She begs to be allowed to go with Othello to cyprus. The duke grants her permission to accompany Othello, but Othello must leave immediately.

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Roderigo tells him where he vertebrae can find Othello resume and Brabantio hurries off in a rage. Act i, scene ii, the scene opens on a venetian street where iago has joined Othello and his attendants. Iago is quick to report his conversation with Roderigo to Othello. Of course, iago's retells the story to accommodate his cunning plan. He says that Roderigo "prated". And spoke such scurvy and provoking terms. Against your honor, that with the little godliness I have. I did full hard forbear him. Cassio arrives with news that the duke requires Othello at an urgent war meeting.

the garden party plot summary

To ensure a response, iago adds, Awake! Look to your home, your daughter, and pdf your bags! Brabantio comes to the window and Iago tells him to dress at once and come down, for "an old black ram/Is tupping your white ewe" (I.i.88). Unable to understand Iago's reference to the union of Othello and Desdemona, brabantio demands to know why they are bothering him at such a late hour. Roderigo explains that his daughter is in the 'clasps of a lascivious moor' and Brabantio rushes into desdemona's room to find it empty. He runs downstairs and out into the street without even changing into his day clothes. Furious, he demands to know if they have married and when Roderigo answers yes, Brabantio cries 'treason'.

be livid when he hears that a black man has wed Desdemona. Roderigo hopes that her father, Brabantio, will use his political status to see that their marriage is quickly annulled. But Iago knows that the duke would not jeopardize othello's desire or ability to fight for Venice in the turkish wars by punishing him for marrying a venetian nobleman's daughter. Othello's punishment for wedding Desdemona is not part of Iago's plan. His plan at the moment is only to make othello believe that he is a trustworthy confidant. When Othello is confronted by Brabantio, iago will be there to lend his counsel and support. Iago and Roderigo stand below Brabantio's bedroom window and Roderigo calls his name.

With her new friend Dickon. They worked together, and planted flowers in the writing garden. She wanted to surprise. Othello : Plot Summary, act i, scene i, the play opens on a warm Venetian night, where a conversation is underway between Roderigo, a gentleman, and Iago, a soldier under Othello's command. Roderigo, who has been courting Desdemona, is upset with the news that she has eloped with Othello, a great moorish warrior who is now a general in the service of the ruler of Venice. Iago confesses to roderigo that he hates the moor because another soldier, michael Cassio, has been promoted to lieutenant instead of Iago. He reveals that he only remains in Othello's service to facilitate his plans of revenge: "I follow him to serve my turn upon him" (I.i.42).

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Summary, mary lennox is 10 year old girl who loses her parents, and had to leave india, and move to England with her uncle. She finds a secret garden. Which rven had locked after dessay his wife was dead. Mary and Dickon worked on the garden to bring back to life, and she helped her cousin Colin to walk. . They wanted to surprise. Plot, mary is 10 year old girl. She was raised in India, and she moved to England. She found a secret garden. She helped Colin to get walk.

The garden party plot summary
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Daily box Office (Fri.) weekend Box Office (Feb. Traveler'- s Wife - by Starring: Eric Bana. When he comes back to hartfield they talk in the garden.

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  1. Summary, plot and Setting. Mary and Dickon worked on the garden to bring back to life, and she helped her cousin Colin to walk. In The garden Party, helen envies her neighbour Debbie kennedy's garden - and her life - but discovers that things are not always as they seem; while.

  2. Emma woodhouse is almost twenty-one, attractive, clever, wealthy and a bit spoiled. When he comes back to hartfield they talk in the garden. Happy with Othello's answer, desdemona leaves the garden and Iago, alone once again with Othello, continues his evil machinations.

  3. Summary of the Adventure of the. Eventually, the servants realized that easier access could be gained to the room from the garden. The, garden, party (short story) —, the, garden, party is a 1922. Katherine mansfield, selected Stories, oxford World s Classics, explanatory notes.

  4. Disclaimer: This summary is not a part of the terms of Use and is not a legal document. It is simply a handy reference for understanding the full terms. The, garden, party is a short story written in 1992. At the first glance, this work might seem rather simple, without an astonishing plot.

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