If i turn into an animal essay

If i became an animal essay

if i turn into an animal essay

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The liking of the soul is fulfilled by the divine father and this should not be treated as anger of God. The main aim of human life starts with the recognition of God and in fixing the main aim of human life as attainment of the grace of God before this rarest human life ends. The analysis of human faculties and human behavior etc., involves various concepts of mere living of a person in this world. When the spectrum is limited to the worldly life only without touching the divine life, what is the use since the main aim is not touched at all? A student admitted in the college for studies is also admitted in the hostel. The academic life in the college is far better than the hostel life since attaining the degree is the main aim. Of course, absence of all hostel problems gives peace that helps the academic studies.

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Both are continuously happy in their own fields! At last God provided what ever the child desired. Of course he tried to convert the soul in the he-buffalo into an angel. When he failed in all His efforts, he has sanctioned the firm desire of the soul. Therefore, god helped all the souls, whether those loved Him or not. Somebody told that man is an animal with two legs. Science says that man is evolved from animal. The main difference between animal and human being lit is that animal doesnt discriminate good from bad. The common points between animal and man are food with drink, sleep, fear and sex (Aahaara nidraa bhaya maidhunaani). If the human being is limited to these four items only throughout the life, the human being is called as animal with two legs instead of four legs. Such human being is thrown into the lifecycles of animals and birds forever because these only four items are available in animals so that the human soul in the body of animal can fully concentrate on these four items only throughout the life.

What ever he desired, that summary is given to him by god without any disturbance. In the human life the spiritual knowledge is often disturbing him in achieving the continuous happiness from eating, drinking and sex. Therefore, god favored the soul by such animal-birth and this is not punishing the soul. This means God is helping even His enemies. A father will never harm his issue even if it opposes him. He wants always the happiness of the child continuously. The devoted souls want to be with God and derive the divine bliss constantly. God provides opportunity for such devotees also to make them happy constantly by guiding them in achieving the real and highest devotion to him. Therefore, you can see the same love of God on a devoted soul staying in His abode as an angel and also on a he-buffalo enjoying with the she-buffalo in a mud pond.

if i turn into an animal essay

Animal, essay, research Paper

In such case there is no use of the intelligence of the human category, which is meant for analysis of truth. Therefore, the soul is placed in the cycle of animals, which are also happy like the human beings in eating, drinking and sex only. The human being may think that he may loose his beautiful wife and may have to live with a she-buffalo if he is born as he-buffalo. But the point is that when the soul is born as he-buffalo, the she-buffalo is as beautiful as the present Miss world! The grass will be as tasty as the sweet dish in the meals today. The soul cannot estimate the happiness of the animal while remaining in the human body. The same happiness is received by the souls in all types of bodies from eating, drinking and sex.

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if i turn into an animal essay

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How would other animals treat you? God is loving every soul and is helping every soul in this world. He never hates any soul. The punishment in the hell is also to reduce madness of materialism of the soul. Suppose, one son becomes mad, the father will take him to the doctor and admits him in the mental hospital where shock treatments are given. Can you say that the father is angry with the son?

Similarly, the hell is for the last sort of trial to transform the soul. The madness is never cured makeup and the son has to be retained in the hospital only forever. Same is the concept of the permanent hell. These souls cannot be brought into this world because they will bring Chaos in this world, just like the mad son cannot be brought out of the hospital into the society. Some souls are born as birds, animals etc., here also only the love of God reflects. As a human being the soul was always interested in eating, drinking and sex only. The soul never turned to god.

There may come a day when the only tigers that will be found will be those left in captivity. Greedy humans will find a way to come for us then and the numbers of those in captivity will decline rapidly as well. This coming generation will either be known as the one that allowed for the extinction of a beautiful species of animal, or it will be known as the generation that saved the tiger. To not act is to allow this evil to take place…and we do not have time for that. If you wait, it will simply be too late.

Paul Graham was born and raised in Northern California and has lived in Las Vegas since 2004. He is a top wedding officiate, a green realtor and writer. He has a daily vegan food blog, eating Vegan in Vegas which is 365 days and 365 vegan meals in Las Vegas. Pauls e-book, eating Vegan in Vegas: If It Can Happen Here, it Can Happen Anywhere is now available. If you had to turn into a different animal for a single day, what animal would you choose to become? Why did you choose that animal? What would you do when you became that animal, and where would you go? How do you think you would feel when you were that animal? How would people treat you?

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In China, there are over 4000 of us tigers living on farms. While it is illegal to xmas kill us in China, many of these farmers get away with killing us by letting us starve to death. They would say that we then died of natural causes. They want us for many things, but especially for our bones, which they boil down to make a medicinal tiger wine to help human bones stay strong. This is more tradition than real medical science and the practice is killing us off rapidly. If I were a tiger, i would have student reason to be anxious about my future. The shortsightedness, greed and cruelty of man is once again responsible for this kind of destruction of a species.

if i turn into an animal essay

They also want our organs and body parts like bones, whiskers, eyeballs, penises, paws and claws as souvenirs or for use in environment supposed traditional Asian medicine. Even though so few of us remain, the demand is at an all-time high and this greed and cruelly is leading us towards our end. They even count our meat as a delicacy in some areas. We are still subject to trophy hunts, even though it is illegal in many places. If I were a tiger, i could also find myself in captivity. There are almost 5,000 tigers in captivity in the us alone, more than there is left in the wild. In zoos and circuses we are confined to areas that are ridiculously small and nowhere decent or natural for. To keep us in cages or small habitats is simply torture.

We are being called enforcement-dependent, which means that our species could go extinct in a couple of decades without dramatic intervention on the part of humans to save us from other humans. If I were a tiger, i would have little to fear in the wild except the interaction with humans. They have cut our habitats down to less than seven percent of the range that we used to have. This habitat fragmentation and destruction is literally killing. We are also the prey of hunters and poachers. There is a huge black market for our body parts in China particularly, which can also then be distributed to other parts of Asia. Our beautiful skins can still sell for as much as 35,000.

Certainly not in numbers. I am very territorial and need large areas of habitat to roam and live. I enjoy being solitary, but I can be very social when I need. I am a very strong swimmer and you will often find me using that ability in bodies of water near where i live. There are many stories and legends about us tigers. We were recently named in a worldwide vote as the most popular animal. My life span in the wild is about the same as in captivity, between 20-26 years. Despite the popularity of tigers, we water are not being allowed to live and roam like we used to and we are being hunted and poached.

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By paul Graham, las, vegas Informer, october 2013, if I were a tiger, my numbers would have been close to 100,000 at the start of the 20th century. It is now estimated that there are only 3,200-3,600 of us tigers still left in the wild. Over this time, three of our subspeciesthe javan, bali and Caspian tigers have all gone extinct. The south China tiger, has not been seen in the wild in over 25 years. We are soon to go from endangered to critically endangered. If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his thesis first act of abstinence is from injury to animals. leo tolstoy, if I were a tiger, i would be known as the biggest of the cat species in size.

If i turn into an animal essay
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A series About teens Who turn Into Animals taught me how to be hum. Novel gazing is Electric Literature s personal essay series about the way reading shapes our.

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  1. Carl Safina is the author of beyond Words: What Animals Think and. Horses and mules drafted into the horrifying vortex of human destruction. Or whether we should aspire instead to turn down our chatter and.

  2. However, if you re in a more advanced grade your teacher may want. If I had to guess the happiest and most stable life i d choose to be a dog. The soul never turned to god. Such human being is thrown into the lifecycles of animals and birds forever because these only four items are available in animals.

  3. We were recently named in a worldwide vote as the most popular animal. An expository essay about an animal can take a variety of differen t directions. And write your essay, and then proofread your work before turning.

  4. If I were an animal, i would definitely be a lion. Just like a lion that intimidates intruders from afar before getting into an actual fight, i always. If i were a tiger - all of God s creatures have rights, includes both human.

  5. Writing prompt: If I were an Animal (essay topic if you had to turn into a d ifferent animal for a single day, what animal would you choose to become? The following are printouts with writing prompts for short essays. If i turned into an Animal: If you had to turn into a different animal for a single day, what.

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