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Developed 3 Million hvac esco solution for current client. Consistently targeting and qualifying new retrofit and esco projects. Previously sold and managed.7 million central plant esco contract for Unico Properties for the wells Fargo building in Tacoma. Also sold and successfully implemented over 800K for Bentall Capitol llc in the us bank centre. Instrumental in the management of increased margins for a highly successful, fast track 12 million mechanical contract for a data center in Sabeys Integrate east based on an accelerated schedule and bold pre-fab ideas. Additionally, developed and closed sales of multiple esco projects for Western Washington University and Whatcom Community college totaling over .6 Million. Employment, account Executive Major hvac manufacturer 3/03 present, project Manager/esco sales Major Engineered Services Firm 8/99 7/02. Project Manager Venture construction Inc 6/97  8/99, mechanical Drafter/Foreman ua- local 32    440 6/86    6/97.

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Extremely competent systems expert. Excellent ability to establish and maintain a prosperous client relationship. Familiar with local utility reps and able to strategically negotiate exceptional incentive rebates for my clients. Highly competent regarding: targeting and qualifying, project development, financial selling, energy conservation measure (ECM) implementation, risk assessment, contract negotiations, estimating, and scope definition. Proven ability to persuasively communicate with C level decision makers while simplifying technical building issues, such as; hvac optimization, critical equipment selections, building automation, lighting strategies, fire protection, plumbing, piping, hazardous materials, and general construction practices. Extremely capable to develop, sell, organize and manage multiple projects that require innovative problem solving, occupied space, unique financing, cost controls, labor management, and sub-contractor management. Excellent computer skills including Microsoft Project, power point, crm. Highly motivated and committed to becoming your next top performer and exceeding company goals. Achievements, exceeded your 2013 yearly sales goal within the first six months. Confidential Elite sales Award Winner 2012.

Viennaone of the worlds largest oil traders, vitol Group sa, is in talks with Iran to resume kites buying its oil when sanctions are lifted, people familiar with the matter said Thursday. The discussions underscore how Tehran is trying to lure back european oil buyers in addition to seeking the return of Western majors to develop his fields. The contacts include a planned meeting between the companys head Ian taylor and Irans Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh in vienna Thursday, the people said. Vitol has already discussed condensates and crude sales once sanctions are lifted and also possibly crude swaps, one person said. Vitol is headquartered in Switzerland and therefore not formally subject to a european Union ban on buying Iranian oil. But the company, which has large operations in the. S., said last year last it stopped buying from Tehran to comply with eu sanctions. We represent a senior level hvac account executive position with twenty years of industrial, commercial construction, hvac sales and management experience that will add valuable insight and increased profitability to your business. Strengths, creative business development and sales process skills, meticulous proposals and convincing presentation skills.

insight resume

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The vitol talks marked another key step in Irans efforts to tempt European oil buyers back into the country. In addition to seeking the return of Western majors to develop its fields, the story revealed Tehran is also courting oil buyers. Vitol is headquartered in Switzerland and not formally subject to a european Union ban on buying Iranian oil. Still, the company, which has large operations in the. S., said last year it stopped buying from Iran to comply with eu sanctions. This is how the full story appeared on djx: 1:06 *Vitol in Talks to resume Iran Oil Purchases When Sanctions over sources 1:11 *Vitol ceo meeting Iran Oil Min on Possible oil deal sources 1:18 *Vitol-Iran Oil Talks Focusing on Condensates, Swaps sources 1:41 Vitol. By benoit faucon and Sarah Kent.

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insight resume

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Managing and monitoring your online brand should be part and parcel of your career plans and development. Get in touch, resume, tags: Career, job. By benoit faucon and Summer said. Saudi Arabia has quietly restarted talks with Kuwait to resume production at joint oil fields operated by Chevron Corp., according to a person familiar with the matter, as the kingdom prepares to ramp up output for the first time since 2016. About three years ago, saudi Arabia shut down half a million barrels a day of production in the so-called neutral zone that resume it shares with Kuwait. The production is run.

Saudi officials previously said they didnt have interest in restarting the fields. The kingdom agreed to slash its production by roughly the same amount in 2016 as part of a deal with opec, russia and other producers to reduce global supplies. On Friday, saudi Energy minister Khalid al-Falih and his Russian counterpart Alexander novak agreed to discuss relaxing the production cuts as they seek to cool fast-rising prices, and to make up for output disruptions in Venezuela. Write to benoit faucon at and Summer said. Benoit faucon and Sarah Kent broke news that Vitol Group sa, one of the worlds largest oil traders, was in talks with Iran to resume buying its oil when sanctions are lifted. The contacts included a meeting between the companys head Ian taylor and Irans Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh in vienna.

Follow key industry experts and companies you want to work for. Twitter, use your feed as a platform to communicate your specialist knowledge and industry expertise. Follow industry leaders and media to retain top industry insight. Maintain a good balance of professional and informal tweets to show your personality. Facebook, decide if you want Facebook to play a part in your online career arsenal. If you do, treat it in the same way you do your LinkedIn profile.

Publish details about your personal interests and profile-enhancing updates like your charitable activities and voluntary work, sports or writing. Blogs, blogging in a professional capacity can help enhance your online personal brand. If properly managed, it is a channel to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise to a targeted professional audience. Tailor your content and tone of voice to your audience. Keep the blog regularly updated, links, include links to your online profiles, personal website and/or blog in your email signature. This will maximise your exposure during job applications to potential employers. Raise awareness, dont forget the professional blogs and LinkedIn discussion groups. Raise awareness of your specialist expertise across your professional network engage in this space by providing commentary on topical discussions.

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Stay on top of posting information regularly to build up a positive presence. Building your friendship online brand, if you are a no show on google, then lets get started. There are a number of ways you can leverage your online presence to get on the radar of potential employers and recruiters. Effectively managing your online profile and maximizing your online personal brand should be an integral part of your job search. In a professional capacity, your LinkedIn profile is the one that needs immediate attention and will be reviewed the most by recruiters and hr professionals alike. Make your Linkedin profile work as hard as possible. Sell your skills, experience and competencies. Maintain an up-to-date profile, ask previous employers or clients you have worked with to recommend you. Build out your professional network and leverage your connections.

insight resume

You know the obligatory question at the airport, has anyone else packed these bags? The same applies for your online reputation. Lock up and go, privacy settings are there for a reason use them. Keep personal information to a minimum. Your bff does not always know best. Your friends, although your moral compass and general all round super stars, arent as invested as you in managing your online brand. Understand the ramifications of a negative online reputation on your future career and make sure they understand how you want to manage your online brand. Regular spot checks, its important that you frequently monitor what is being posted, how youre tagged on images uploaded. Its okay to ask to remove images or comments about you.

web presence? If you dont know the answer, google yourself. Lets assume you have a neutral online reputation. Yes, there are results about you, but they dont help or hurt you this is a good starting point. Some top tips to managing your online brand. Dont let anyone else create your profiles.

Rest 2 years jQuery 2 years bootstrap 2 years Mobile dev 1 year C 1 year Unity 1 year Ruby on rails 1 year react 1 year Full-stack developer with diverse background and history of creative solutions to complex architectural problems seeks position as principal. Js, webvr, webrtc, webAudio, webSockets Node. Js, npm, json, git, rest, ec2, S3, dynamodb, postgresql participated in discussions determining team direction and projects reviewed coworkers' code submissions Lunched with recruitment candidates Self-employed, Created Snarky pucks, an asynchronous party game for desktop and mobile web Vector graphics editor, 2D geometry/physics engine, facebook. Howdy, an online rts game terrain rendering and editing, fft-based water effects, model instancing and animation Added features to puzzle pirates, a puzzle mmo game housing and furniture system, missions, single-player mode, hearts, Spades Contributed to shared platforms, including billing and Steam integration Participated. You know those uncensored photos your friends tagged you in on Facebook at global the weekend? Your new employer does too! When over 90 of recruiters and hr professionals refer to social media to decide whether to hire you, managing your online reputation is as integral as breathing. Simultaneously, this very same beast offers us a gloriously unlimited pool of information at our fingertips that we simply couldnt function without. Debate the issue of privacy all you want; what goes online, definitely stays online so its time you step up your online personal brand management and adapt in this modern age of acceptable cyber-stalking.

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Andrzej Kapolka, awn-jay kuh-poal-kuh, san Francisco, california,. Computer Science, uc santa Cruz, 2000, software dev 17 years. Networking 15 years, user Interfaces 12 years 3D Graphics where 12 years, openGL 10 years, databases 10 years. Game dev 9 years, java 9 years, aws 8 years, glsl 8 years. Sql 8 years, web dev 8 years, html 8 years, cSS 6 years. Git 6 years, c 5 years, javascript 5 years, xML 5 years. Qt 3 years, python 2 years, node. Js 2 years, json 2 years.

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It is possible to view a programmers GitHub profile and gain an insight into his or her projects and skill level, but not much more. To get your dream job you need a strong resume that highlights your accomplishments.

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  1. fortune 100 corporate account, by providing timely insight reporting and analysis of their online customer community at Communispace. approaches, providing insight on robotics and basic algorithms, special topics in ai, planning, applied soft computing, applied. Knowledge and, insight talks to resume Iran Oil Purchases When Sanctions over sources 1:11 Vitol ceo meeting Iran Oil Min on Possible. Knowledge and Insight kuwait to resume production at joint oil fields operated by Chevron Corp., according to a person familiar with the.

  2. O provided strategic insight and guidance to students pursuing public speaking and rhetoric studies. We provide insight into their background, our collaboration together, and the outcome. fungible, insight, january 2012-Present Project blog documenting an independent line of research into artificial intelligence and gaming.

  3. Follow industry leaders and media to retain top industry insight friend please referrer for job And you can Send his /her. entry level resume template can help you structure your document so you can present your information in a way that comes off. construction, hvac sales and management experience that will add valuable insight and increased profitability to your business. your application if you simply ask, which means youll get valuable insight where to make changes for the next it job you apply.

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