Write a short note on pollution

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write a short note on pollution

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2 Write a short note on Advertising on the net. difference between environmental, decay and environmental pollution to easy to see. Write a short note on report writing pollution essay in english Short essay on environmental pollution greatest environmental pollution. on noise pollution or women. Give four preventive measures of water pollution. By luciano pia, 2017 a report here and noise pollution : systems, short essay noise pollution. Write a short note. C a ) d ab 2 c a.

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Find the time dependent profile T(y.6. Short paragraph on, pollution. Aahh i remember doing that. What are the various substitutes adopted by pdf government to prevent Environmental Pollution What are the advantages of hampshire the Acquisition. Write short note on management of wild life. problems of Pollution paragraph On Pollution Short note on Problems of Pollution how to prevent Pollution Effect of Pollution. Write short note on Conventional wisdom as basis for expectation formation. Can you write an easy short speech for. Essays on air pollution - entrust your paper to qualified writers engaged in the platform Opt for the service, and our qualified. Pollution, short note on, noise, pollution, paragraph on noise, pollution. It is necessary not to let the industrial.

Thermal pollution: This is an increase in the temperature of the environment due to certain natural and man-made causes. Release of carbon dioxide by burning fossil juan fuels like coal, petroleum is also a cause for thermal pollution. Increase in temperature beyond certain level is called as global warming. Global warming leads to melting up of polar ice-caps which in turn results in submerging of low-lying areas.

write a short note on pollution

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It is vegetarianism a non-biodegradable resource that gets burried in moliere the soil and takes several years for decomposition. Usage of chemical fertilisers and pesticides also have an effect on the soil during a course of time. Noise pollution: noise is the unwanted unbearable sound in the environment. Noise pollution is also harmful for the living organisms. It shows adverse effects on them. Airplanes, helicopters, automobiles cause noise pollution. Constructions of buildings also cause noise pollution. Industries also cause noise pollution.

Air is polluted by different factors like smoke released by automobiles and industries, dust released by industries and mining wells, different chemicals ( cfcs, freons) used in refigerators and aircondiioners etc. Gases released by automobiles and industries are poisonous sometimes and may include so2, no2, methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, other green house gases etc. Fuels used in rockets also release lot of pollutants into the atmosphere. Air is also polluted by pollen from some plants. Some microbes which cause diseases also exist in air. Soil pollution: soil is the top most cover on the surface of the earth. It is polluted by dumps caused by domestic wastes, industrial wastes etc. Some toxic chemicals from the industrial wastes percolate into the soil and cause ill- effects. Plastic is another major pollutant of the soil.

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write a short note on pollution

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Sol: Pollution is an undesirable change in the environment. Most of the abiotic components like water, air, soil are turn polluted day-by-day thereby polluting the environment. Water pollution: Water is an essential natural resource. Water exists in different resources like ponds, lakes, rivers, seas, oceans etc. Pollution of water resources shows effects on the environment as well as the living organisms. Pollution of water makes it undesirable for usage.

Different causes for water polluion are dumping of untreated sewage, dumping of toxic industrial wastes, dumping of agricultural wastes, oil spills caused by ships travelling in ocean etc. Air pollution: Air is an abiotic factor which is essential for all the living organisms in the process of respiration. Oxygen in air is essential for combustion. Nitrogen in air is utilised by plants with help of some bacteria. Carbon dioxide is essential for the plants which synthesise the food for them and other living organisms.

Pollution can take the form of chemical substances or energy, such as noise, heat or light. Pollutants, the components of pollution, can be either foreign substances/energies or naturally occurring contaminants. The difference between environmental, decay and environmental pollution to easy to see. Decay is quite like ageing. But, pollution is like, lung cancer, which a man may get by smoking and which would cut his life short.

This means that pollution is something, which speeds up the process of natural environmental decay. It is easy to see that had our environmental been free from natural decay, it would also have been free from pollution. But, ageing is a fact of life and so is environmental decay. Indeed, as we shall see later, it is because of this decay that life itself becomes possible. But, pollution signifies a continuing destruction of the life-support systems of the earth and has become an extremely and increasingly serious threat over the last fifty years. What we need to do, therefore, is not to try to arrest the decay for the simple reason that it would be something impossible. Rather, we ought to see it as a basic law of nature, which cannot be violated. This would, in turn, persuade us to minimize the abuse of our environment.

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Also an attempt should be made to use those chemical fertilizers and pesticides that will decay on their own or get decomposed compounds. Substances that decay naturally are called biodegradable. A biodegradable umum compound can be broken down by bacterial action. Soap is a biodegradable compound. Pollution of existing water sources cause acute water shortage. We must protect our natural sources of water. We must find table more efficient ways of producing fresh water from sea-water. Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change.

write a short note on pollution

It is necessary not to let the industrial waste to find its way to natural waters (rivers, canals and seas) without proper treatment. There should not be any accumulation nurse of garbage and excreta near a river or any source of water. This is to avoid any chance of the garbage flowing into the river during the rains. Dead bodies of humans and animals should not be thrown into the rivers. Bathing and washing near the river should be avoided. The water of rivers and lakes should be purified from time to time. Such a project should be undertaken by the industries and the government. The ganga purification Project is one of the projects undertaken by the Indian government for the purification of the river Ganga.

You can look at my web page which describes the stories I tell. Maybe you should think of this as a short story. About my one-person shows -updated). Abundant, clean water is necessary for good health. Water pollution is a community problem.

Dust storms in desert areas and smoke from forest fires and grass fires contribute to resume chemical and particulate pollution of air. This is an example of artificial air pollution. The artificial air pollutants introduced into the environment mainly by at least five major sources i) Automobiles (N20, co and hydrocarbons) ii) Electrical power plants (S02) iii) Industrial processors (heavy metals, volatile compounds). N20, co, spm, voc, pb SOx NOx co c02 iv) heating plants for homes, apartments, schools etc. Ralf bauder has already given you excellent suggestions. Depends on what you want to do, but you can use the occasion to tell a short story about how pollution has affected you. Or, if you can document the story of someone your age who has been affected by pollution, that will be a more interesting story than just reading through the statistics and common events of other peoples lives. Several years ago i was invited to write about the 5th anniversary of the bp oil spill. Instead of bogging down with the bromides about it, i centered on the story of a musician who has asthma and other physical problems as a result of exposure to corexit (the oil solvent that has caused many physical problems.

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Pollution generally classified according to environmental segment in driver which it is occurring. Sometimes it is also classified according to the type of pollutant by which pollution is caused. In general, there are nine different type of pollution. Image source: g i) Air pollution ii) Water pollution, advertisements: iii) soil pollution iv) Radioactive pollution v) noise pollution vi) Light pollution, advertisements: vii) Visual pollution viii) Solid waste pollution ix) Thermal pollution. Air pollution, advertisements: The presence of one or more contaminants in atmosphere in such quantity and for such duration so that it become injurious to human health or welfare of animals or plants life industrial modernization, increase in the population and urbanization are some. The industries that emit a large number of pollutants in air include thermal power plant, cement, steel, refineries, petro chemicals and mines. Air is a mixture of gases in varying amounts. Sources of air pollutant, air pollution results from a variety of causes, may be either natural or artificial.

Write a short note on pollution
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Write short notes on Taxis. Sometimes it is also classified according to the type of pollutant by which. Write in detail on the concept of biosphere as an ecosystem.

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  5. It is necessary not to let the industrial. Write a short note. Pollution, pollution refers to the introduction of contaminants.

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